Alliyah Antoniadis(non-registered)
I was numbers 4 and 72 at fast and furious and I was wondering if you got any pictures of my boys❤️ thank you in advance
Jan Hetz(non-registered)
I was number 98 Friday and Saturday 38
Hannah kluch(non-registered)
I was number 19 at Thursday 28th FFBR barrel race in Okeechobee
Kim Redfern(non-registered)
Do you have pictures from Sunday 9/5 #8 & 64?
Kevin Vanover(non-registered)
Thanks Candy and Don for ALL you do! We at Above Average Events love you guys and can't wait to have you back when all this is over! THE BEST!
Guy Michael(non-registered)
Thank you for sharing all your wonderful photos and being such a great friend
margaret browning(non-registered)
hey candy. Im trying to find older pic of bamboo but I don't know where to look. Is there away i could see pics from 08-01-2015 weekend when county line road was there and 12-12-2015 form my anniversery
michael schonbach
Candy is dandy!
Crossroads Band is thrilled with your photos of their County Line Saloon show.
How you got that kind of quality with that lighting is a mystery.
We love you!
Wibada Photo
Haley, no videos at the bonfire, just photos. It's challenging to do vids as the lighting is difficult. Thanks so much for asking us!
did you guys get any videos of the bonfire stage? ive been looking all over the internet for them. i was up there with a friend, and i wanted to see it. Thank you!
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